Beef Cattle

The SmartLic Beef Program meets the challenges of today’s beef producer head on. Issues like feed efficiency, animal performance and reproductive performance have a major impact on a producer’s profitability. SmartLic Supplements are Nutritionally Engineered® to address these issues and help producers become more efficient and profitable.

From lush green grasses to winter grazing, NE-12, NE-22, NE-30, and Hi-Pro 40 can help your herd get the most out of a wide range of forages. These supplements are fortified with high levels of essential vitamins and minerals to enhance forage utilization and reproductive performance. Hi-Pro 40 is specially designed to supplement dry pastures or fall corn stalk grazing. StressLic is specially formulated to assist cattle during times of stress, reproduction and weaning. StressLic is also recommended for sick pens or pulls.

See our SmartLic product recommendations for each of the following beef cattle feeding applications.

Beef Supplements Available in Canada

Containers / Pricing

Metal Tub.............250# / 125#

Plastic Tub...........250# / 125#

Biodegradable Tub.....250# / 125#

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