Recent studies show, one of the most significant factors affecting productivity is the
correct balance of trace minerals. In most cases, subclinical trace mineral deficiencies
go unaddressed, as symptoms are usually not obvious.

Because of this, animals often continue to grow and reproduce at less than optimal
rates, are more prone to disease and metabolize feed less efficiently. This typically results
in lower productivity and higher costs for the producer.

Sometimes Less is More

A Taurus Natural Consultation is free. And, it’s a great way to explore strategies for improving
herd productivity by making minor adjustments to mineral supplementation. Sometimes too
much or too little of one nutrient can interfere with the ability of other nutrients to properly do
their jobs. When this happens, the main purpose of mineral supplementation is compromised,
and the benefit to your herd is greatly reduced.

Talk to Taurus Natural today about how to get the best value and optimum results from your
mineral supplementation program.

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