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Head Office

Box 298 First Avenue West
Cardston, Alberta, Canada
T0K 0K0

Toll-Free: 1-800-631-7382

Utah Facility

PO Box 8
550 West 1520 South
Salina, Utah 84654
Phone: 435-529-4020
Fax: 435-529-4060

Bart Leavitt.
Bart Leavitt
Cel: 403-394-4819

Taurus Natural Inc.

30 years experience in
the Cattle Industry.

Craig Carnell.
Jim Hansen
Cel: 403-892-6483

Nutritional Consultant,
Taurus Natural Inc.

Specializes in helping
livestock producers
improve productivity.
Taurus Natural ● CDN Head Office Box 298 1st Avenue West, Cardston Alberta, Canada T0K 0K0 ● Toll Free 1-800-631-7382 ●