Taurus has been providing livestock supplements, mainly directed toward cow/calf operations, for a long time now. In fact the effort started in a back in the 1950’s bringing product up from Redmond Minerals in Utah. We continue to proudly represent Redmond in the Western Canadian market. This includes all of the natural products they mine and package including an innovative line of domestic salt and clay products.

We are also pleased to represent New Generation Supplements with their Smatlic line of well researched and high quality molasses mineral tubs.

Pet food has been a part of our portfolio for a time as a distributor for Tuffy’s Pet Food out of Perham, Minnesota. Tuffy’s is a family owned business with an unmatched focus on consistent quality manufacturing.

The central piece of our business focus is our own mineral manufacturing facility in Cardston, AB together with a salt block plant in Salina, UT. In Salina we manufacture blocked and bagged salt and mineral products. In Cardston we focus principally on custom minerals for the beef industry.

Our delivery vehicles move all of these products to retail outlets in Western Canada and also directly to ranch customers where retail dealers are not available.

It is our extreme pleasure to field inquiries from anywhere in the west. If we can represent our suppliers and our manufacturing facilities well and make your life better in the process…this is what we live to do!