Taurus Natural is in the business of customer service. We help ranch families achieve greater profitability and solve herd health concerns with nutrition solutions. Our in house consultant (see Jim Hansen bio) has a lifetime of experience looking at what is already available on the ranch and designing supplements to resolve the deficiencies. Our off the shelf registered minerals may fit most situations but we can often save the ranch money by being more specific with a custom product. This also gives us the opportunity to add other ingredients that may be desirable such as protein, a chelated mineral profile, yeast, medication and much more. Our consultation is a free service that we happily offer to anyone who wishes to go this route. We will also cover the cost of feed testing (some conditions). 

Some have asked why we need to supplement. An industry partner (Todd Gunderson DVM) posted this comment recently. “I occasionally hear the comment that Mother Nature provides all the nutrition cows need in their grass and therefore we shouldn’t need to supplement cows with mineral. Here’s some food for thought: wild ruminants like deer and elk have an average weaning rate of around 30%; the best they ever seem to do on a real good year is 50%. That means for every 100 deer, elk, or bison out on the range, only about 30-50 wean a calf in any given year. Now some of that is due to predation and other factors that occur after birth, however a sizeable percentage of wild ruminants require a full year to recover before they carry another pregnancy. For a cow/calf operation to even approach profitability, you really need to wean at least 90 calves for every 100 cows you own, each year.” 

Another reason cows are more profitable with good minerals is due to the higher producing animals we as an industry have developed over time. Not very many years ago calves were sold to a feedlot as yearlings at about the same weight as fall calves are now. This higher rate of growth requires greater energy and protein input, but also a much higher requirement for macro and micro minerals and vitamins. 

This is one of the main reasons we enjoy our work…people tell us that what we contribute does make a difference.