We are proud to represent Redmond with their amazing line of Sea Salt and Clay products in a number of different formulations. We have a long history of partnership with Redmond as a distributor in Western Canada that goes back decades. These natural products are both cutting edge and quite unique in this category of natural products.

Real Salt is the only brand of sea salt harvested from an ancient, pristine ocean near Redmond, Utah. We bring it to you exactly as nature created it – unrefined, ancient sea salt with a complete blend of minerals and a subtle, sweet flavor unlike any salt on earth.

According to geologists, the Redmond salt deposit is the remnant of an ancient inland sea, probably part of what they call the Sundance Sea, which places the deposit within the Jurassic Period. Over time, the salt that settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped within the earth and then pushed up near the surface close to the town of Redmond, Utah.

Redmond products can be found at our Cardston, AB location or our online shop. Delivery available by Canada Post.